How to get involved

Take part in an ambitious artwork to commemorate the centenary of Armistice Day, and help raise funds for Combat Stress.

Untangled Threads has made 1,568 UNDECORATED replica WW1 sawdust-filled calico hearts (one to represent every day of the first world war), and we NEED YOU TO DECORATE THEM!

The intention of this project is to highlight the benefits of Occupational Therapy and the power of craft, both to heal and to connect people, and involves the co-ordination and creation of 1,568 replica, embroidered, pinned, WW1 sawdust-filled hearts.

The culmination of this project will be an ambitious artwork, covering 43m2, which will form the centrepiece of a commemorative exhibition and public event to be held on the centenary of ARMISTICE DAY, 2018 at the magnificent former home of the Sitwell Family, WOODEND CREATIVE WORKSPACE in Scarborough.


Exhibition dates 3rd - 30th November 2018

Commemorative event: 11th November 2018


Every heart created as part of this project will be on display, (decorated or undecorated) and will form part of a limited edition, illustrated, commemorative catalogue, which will be for sale at the exhibition, national events, and on the project website throughout 2019. Every heart will be returned to the owner/maker by the end of 2019.


TO PURCHASE A HEART KIT, please go to the SHOP page on this website, or contact us for group enquiries. 






5% of the proceeds from sales related to this project will be donated to COMBATSTRESS, a charity which supports former servicemen and women to deal with issues like trauma, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Further information about this charity can be found on their website

I have been asked several times to clarify the amount of the donation to Combat Stress:

This is an art/craft project, offering people the opportunity to be part of an exhibition and archived record, which commemorates the importance of craft as Occupational Therapy. The project costs are significant because of the ambitious nature of the work. 

The ‘finished artwork’ will be a piece of work containing all 1,568  hearts (one to represent each day of WW1). The exhibition will be admission free, and a digital tour of the exhibition will be available free to download. The constituent parts (ie each heart) will not be for sale. Each one will be returned to its owner at the end of the exhibition and become part of their own family record. This is a fundamental part of the project.  It is not anticipated that there will be ‘profit’ from this project - it is in effect an ‘artist-funded’ exhibition and publication, with a charitable element.


If you are interested in donating money to Combat Stress directly, rather than taking part in this project, they would be very grateful for any contribution.  










· Purchase Kit. Decorate heart 

(For suggestions and examples, click here


· Fill in label with NAME, ADDRESS and EMAIL


· Attach label securely to the heart


· If the printed number on the back of the heart has been covered over with decoration, please stitch/print/write the number clearly on the back of the heart.


· Send completed heart (with box), in supplied postage bag to

Untangled Threads, 5 Belle Vue Parade, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1SU Delivery deadline 31st July 2018


· You will receive a receipt (to the email address shown on your label)


· Your heart will be photographed and included in the full colour catalogue along with your name (as shown on your label) and will form part of the Sawdust & Calico Hearts Exhibition at Woodend

(3rd - 30th November 2018).  Further information about the exhibition, the commemorative event on 11th November 2018  and how/where to purchase your copy of the catalogue will be sent to you via email (to the email address shown on your label)


· Your heart will be returned to you by post (to the postal address shown on your label) before the end of 2019. (Delivery of your heart will be announced by a ‘your parcel is on its way’ email)