Armistice Day Event

11th November 2018 is the centenary of Armistice Day and also Remembrance Sunday.


Main gallery:


10.00  Exhibition open

             Refreshments available in The Conference Room

                   (All donations to Combat Stress)

10.30  Welcome by Helen Birmingham 


10.40  Poetry recital


10.55  Last Post and Exhortation

11.00  2 minute silence

11.02  Reveille followed by

               LIVE performance of specially

            commissioned music by John Pattison

11.20   Poetry Recital

                  This is War Work by Felix Hodcroft

11.30   Singing for Health

                  Led by Bridget Cousins

11.40   Readings from 'The Inside Stories'


12.00   Special Thanks

             Exhibition continues, including at






           Sacrifice written by Helen Birmingham​

           Performed by The Hull to Scarborough Line

           in the SITWELL LIBRARY

Sitwell Library

'Sacrifice' is a short play by H Birmingham

performed by H2SL's Felix Hodcroft and Sue Wilsea.

It tells the poignant and often harrowing story of one couple's WW1 experiences. 

The play lasts for about 15 minutes and will be performed at the following times:





Entrance (suggested £3.00) 

(donated to Combat Stress)


Please note, it is not possible to pre-book a ticket for the play.  Tickets can be purchased on the day of the event, and more performances will be added if necessary.

Conference Room

Refreshments will be available

(donations to Combat Stress)

There will be an exhibition and slide show of images, information and samples from the 1,568 Sawdust Hearts Project, and you will also be able to purchase a copy of the Catalogue and the Inside Stories.

Catalogue: £12.50 each

(£10.00 for contributing artists)

Also available online (plus P&P)

Inside Stories: £6.50 each

(£5.00 for contributing artists)

Also available online (plus P&P)